Siri Is Getting Sassy!


Siri has a mind of her own! Remember the days when she used to be so nice and courteous? There was nothing she wouldn't do for you. Her silky voice and happy-to-help attitude won us all over.

That was then...back in the days when the I-Phone 4 was the hot commodity.

Now, with all the latest updates, Siri has emerged as a sassy, tell it like it is, independent woman! Don't piss her off. No telling what might happen.

Her latest attitude comes in when you ask her a simple math problem. Divide 0 by 0...what do you get? We'll tell you what. You get Siri telling you how you have no friends...and insinuating that you really need to get a life! It's too funny.

We don't know where she gets it, but this new diva Siri is not taking any mess people. And "NO" is still gonna be the answer if you ask her to marry you.

Image via App Saga

Siri can sometimes be judgmental of your life choices

Image via Twitter

Siri throws some serious shade if you call her by the wrong name.

Image via Bored Panda

Siri will also shut you down if you ask her a lot of personal questions.

Image via Business Insider

Siri might even answer a question at the wrong place and the wrong time.


Siri you're being rude. Sassypants will check you letting you know that's a matter of opinion....and clearly hers is the only one that matters.

We gotta say, we love Siri's new sassy. What about you? Holla back with some of the drama you've been through with Siri, because we know she always keeps it matter who you are!

Siri -- you go girl!

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