12 Circus Animal Cookie Inspired Desserts

Circus Animal Cookie

Circus animal cookies, with their buttery shortbread flavor and creamy, frosted exterior are easily incorporated into a variety of desserts. Try these recipes which include, pie, cakes and ice cream all inspired by the classic pink and white cookies you loved so much as a child.

Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

Crushed circus animal cookies are blended with cream cheese, rolled into truffles and dipped into melted white and pink chocolate.

Find the recipe at Momma Told Me

Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes

Rainbow sprinkle cupcakes are topped with a rich, white chocolate buttercream frosting in this cupcake version of the circus animal cookie.

Find the recipe at Dash Of Grace

Circus Animal Ice Cream

This yummy, no-churn ice cream recipe is flavored with vanilla and chunks of circus animal cookies.

Find the recipe at Make Break Celebrate

Circus Animal Funfetti Cake Bars

These easy-to-make cake treats have the cookies baked right into them.

Find the recipe at Dr. Sweet Tooth

Circus Animal Cookie Dough Truffle Bars

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the treat for you.

Find the recipe at Beyond Frosting

Circus Cookie Krispie Treats

Crumbled circus animal cookies are stirred into these white chocolate topped marshmallow treats.

Find the recipe at With Sprinkles On Top

Jumbo Animal Cookies

Make your very own oversized circus cookies from scratch with this recipe.

Find the recipe at Munchkin Munchies

Circus Animal Cheesecake

Creamy cheesecake gets a circus animal cookie crust in this recipe.

Find the recipe at Daydreamer Desserts

Pink Animal Cookie Layer Cake

This simple, yellow cake is frosted with buttercream and sprinkled with crushed circus animal cookies.

Find the recipe at Sweet Baked Life

Circus Animal Cookies

White chocolate chips and circus cookie crumbles are mixed into these soft, sugar cookies.

Find the recipe at I Dig Pinterest

Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream Birthday Milkshake

Circus cookies and vanilla ice cream blend together in this sweet milkshake that's perfect for a birthday treat.

Find the recipe at Glued To My Crafts

Circus Animal Cookie Dip

This fluffy dip tastes like Funfetti cake batter and circus cookies.

Find the recipe at Bitz & Giggles

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