6 Ways To Kick Back And Enjoy A "Staycation" This Weekend

Awesome Staycation Ideas

A "Staycation" is essentially a local vacation that doesn't break the bank or put serious miles on your car/require a trip to the airport. When you need an escape, but just can't do Hawaii, a "Staycation" is the perfect way to take a break from your everyday world and have some serious fun exploring your own town.

Make A Pizza

The Kitchn

Ok, homemade pizza looks kind of amazing. Instead of ordering in, get creative and experiment with making your own pizza from scratch. Inviting friends over to share is totally optional.

Turn Your Place Into A Spa


Draw a bath, slather on a facial mask and soak in the tub by candlelight for a spa experience without the spa price tag. There are also a ton of amazing DIY scrub, mask, and body butter recipes online if you want to whip up your own spa-like concoctions.

Hit Up Your Local Art Museum

The Daily Nexus

Get online and find out if there's any cool exhibits that sound interesting and go check it out! Don't be afraid to just wander around solo either--take your time and soak up the culture.

Take A Hike

Our Coast

What better way to Staycation than to explore the beauty your town has to offer? Even major cities like Los Angeles offer a variety of beautiful trails away from car horns and smog. It's the ultimate way to take a mini vacation without having to leave town, and oh yeah--it's free!

Hotel Slumber Party With The Girls


Spend the night as a tourist in your own city and book a hotel room for you and your best girls. Pig out on room service, rent a movie, lounge at the hotel pool or indulge in a spa service. Instant mini-vacay!

Carnival Adventure


Hit up your town's amusement park/carnival/state fair with your best girl. Unleash your inner child with a day of rides, cotton candy and gigantic stuffed animal prizes. So much fun!

What are some of things you like to do on a staycation? Tell us in the comments below and join the conversation all month on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by sharing your thoughts by using #makeithappenmay! See you soon guys and keep kicking butt!

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