12 Almost Good For You Greek Yogurt Desserts

Greek Yogurt Desserts

Greek yogurt has a rich quality that distinguishes it from other yogurts. It can be used as a substitute for butter or cream in cakes and bakes, while still maintaining a creaminess. While some of these recipes are in fact health-conscious, these sweet treats certainly do not skimp on the flavor.

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Recipe With Pomegranate Sauce

Greek yogurt and cream cheese come together with a gingersnap crust in this pomegranate drizzled dessert.

Find the recipe at The Vintage Mixer

Indian Shrikhand

This creamy Indian treat is spiced with cardamon, saffron and nutmeg. It's also low-calorie and protein rich, so you could practically eat it for breakfast!

Find the recipe at Chef In You

Greek Yogurt Creme Brûlée

This version of creme brûlée swaps cream for Greek yogurt, but keeps the vanilla flavoring and burnt sugar top.

Find the recipe at Slimmer Kitchen

Peach And Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

There's still plenty of butter in this moist, summery cake.

Find the recipe at Julia's Album

Lemon Greek Yogurt Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

These light-as-air treats get a healthy swirl of cream cheese frosting on top.

Find the recipe at Baking A Moment

Mexican Chocolate Greek Yogurt Tiramisu

Grain-free lady fingers (made from coconut and almond flour) are soaked in Kahlua and layered with Greek yogurt and mascarpone cheese in this gluten-free version of the classic Italian dessert. The Mexican hot chocolate flavor comes from an application of dark chocolate and cinnamon.

Find the recipe at Vitamin Sunshine

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cake

Rich chocolate cake is topped with a dark chocolate glaze.

Find the recipe at Gimme Some Oven

Apricot Brûlée With Greek Yogurt And Lemon

Caramelized apricots are topped with cool, sweet greek yogurt and lemon zest.

Find the recipe at TasteFood

Cranberry Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake

Fresh cranberries go into this moist coffee cake.

Find the recipe at Bake Your Day

Banana Cream Pie Milkshake

This grown-up milkshake is a creamy swirl of banana, vanilla Greek yogurt and whipped cream flavored vodka.

Find the recipe at The Realistic Nutritionist

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Greek Yogurt Pops

These easy-to-make frozen treats are whipped up in a blender, frozen and rolled in melted chocolate.

Find the recipe at Keep Your Diet Real

Lavender Lemon Pound Cake

This pretty lemon pound cake is made better with the floral quality of lavender and the richness of Greek yogurt.

Find the recipe at The Baker Chick

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