10 Clafoutis You Need To Try

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Saving Dessert

The Clafoutis is a traditional baked French dessert that contains fruit and has a creamy custardy texture and flavor. This sweet treat can be made with a variety of fruits from peaches to berries and even apples. Whether you want to bake something delicious for brunch, or are looking for an easily made dessert, the clafoutis is for you! Check out these 10 awesome recipes below. 

Cherry-Almond Clafoutis

Dark, sweet cherries are suspended in this creamy almond dessert.

Find the recipe at: Bon Appétit

Poached Pear Clafoutis

Pears poached in sherry infused with vanilla bean and cinnamon fill this light and fluffy clafoutis.

Find the recipe at: Food 52

Fresh Peach And Raspberry Clafoutis

Fresh, tart raspberries and fresh juicy peaches make this dish perfect for summer.

Find the recipe at: Saving Room For Dessert

Plum Clafoutis

Juicy plums are sautéed in butter and sugar before being baked into this custardy clafoutis.

Find the recipe at: Pastry Affair

Blueberry And Lavender Sugared Clafoutis

Lavender infused sugar is sprinkled atop this fresh blueberry clafoutis while it's still warm.

Find the recipe at: Butter & Brioche

Raspberry Clafoutis

These fluffy raspberry clafoutis is topped with toasted pistachios.

Find the recipe at: Food Network

Black Mission Fig Clafoutis 

Fresh, plump figs fill this orange zest scented clafoutis, and a port cream sauce is drizzled on top.

Find the recipe at: Food & Wine

Apple Clafoutis

Sweet and tart Golden Delicious apples fill this light and fluffy clafoutis.

Find the recipe at: Huffington Post

Berry Clafoutis

A tart blend of fresh blueberries and blackberries fill this creamy powdered sugar topped treat.

Find the recipe at: Julia's Album

Apricot Clafoutis

Tart apricots and fresh cherries go into this coconut milk clafoutis.

Find the recipe at: A Pinch Of Salt

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